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beautiful, strong, healing

About our logo

We chose to incorporate the Echinacea flower into our logo because it symbolizes the qualities of the women we serve and the nurturing environment we seek to create for them at Pathfinder Center.


Echinacea plants are strong, beautiful and have inherent healing properties. Echinacea is a perennial plant-returning season after season. The plants are sturdy and drought resistant-surviving in the toughest of conditions.


They have thick, deep taproots that store moisture for lean times. They easily multiply and grow in beautiful groups.


Echinacea plants have tall stems with single blooms. Although the petals are soft and feminine, the cone in the center of the bloom is stiff and spiky- protecting the bloom.


The plant is appreciated by its winged neighbors- attracting butterflies who love the petals, hummingbirds and song birds who love the seeds, and native bees who crave the pollen.


During the coldest of winters, long after the petals have been plucked or blown away, the sturdy stem and spiky seed head provide beauty in a harsh landscape. And the strong roots patiently wait as they gather strength enough for the plant to spread and send forth blooms for a new season.


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