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We continue to raise funds to operate in the coming years. Please consider donating one of the items below to help us raise enough funds to continue to shelter and heal these victims.


Read the most recent letter from the Executive Director, Lisa Heth.

We have a goal, and we need you to help us shelter and heal victims of human trafficking.


Needs List

Heart & Hands


One Year of Medications & Medical Visits

This would cover the medication and medical appointments on a sliding scale fee for one year for one woman at Pathfinder Center.

Avatar 102


One Month at the Pathfinder Center

This would cover one woman for one month to stay at Pathfinder Center. Shelter, food and healing for a victim in need.



One Month of Pathfinder Shelter Bills

Bills like water, sewer and garbage are items that are covered for the woman at the center.  However, we are asking for your help to support the center.

Hand Mirror


Personal Hygiene for One Month 

For only $50 a month you can provide the personal hygiene items for one woman staying at the center. 

House in blue


One Month of Heating for Pathfinder Center

Since our funding has ended, we are in need of help with covering the simple bills to shelter and keep the woman safe from their trafficker.

Theory Test Icon


Fuel for Medical Appointments

Many of the women have specialty medical visits to mend the physical and mental part of their recovery. We are in need of transportation funds to commute them.



One Month of Medication

Victims are in need of prescribed medication for depression, anxiety and other health issues. This would cover the needs for one woman.

Ringing Phone


Pre-Paid Phone Cards

Cell phones can sometimes be unsafe for woman trying to stay safe from their trafficker. This is why pre-paid phone cards are needed for the women to stay close with safe family members.

Items Needed For General Areas

Items we need for general areas include:​

  • Netflix cards

  • Amazon cards

  • pre-paid phone cards

  • slippers

  • snow blower

  • arts supplies (canvas, gel pens, paint, paint brushes, adult coloring books) 

  • candle making supplies

  • feminine hygiene products

  • dvd's

  • socks/underwear

  • house coats

  • diaries, journals

  • gardening supplies

  • chicken supplies

  • essential oils

  • gift cards for chain stores

  • toiletries 

  • volunteers

  • washer and dryer

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