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Our Work in 2022

Media Contact:
Lisa Heth, Executive Director
Pathfinder Center

Summer was exciting at Pathfinder Center

August was HOT here on the plains of South Dakota, but we kept busy with zoom calls, community activities and cultural events, our mentorship program, capacity building through social media, and the excitement of having a major contribution to our advertising needs. READ MORE

Spring & Summer Recap 2022 Message

I am excited to share with you what the Pathfinder Center has been doing during these past two Seasons. Here you will find a recap of what your support and generous donations helped us accomplish.  READ MORE

June 2022 Message

From the moment we receive a call from a victim, family member, or organization looking to the Pathfinder Center for help, our advocates stand ready. READ MORE

May 2022 Message

School is out for most kids, which means online safety is something that should be on the top of our minds. READ MORE

April 2022 Message

I’m so thankful that through your giving and prayers the women that leave the center have this incredible new life ahead of them. But what about those that we couldn’t reach? Or even worse, those that we can’t find.  READ MORE

March 2022 Newsletter

For those of you still learning about the work at the Pathfinder Center, we are a long-term facility for human trafficking survivors. In case you weren’t aware, most treatment centers only offer a 30-day program, but we are in it for as long as it takes to get these women back on their feet. We offer the women the choice to stay. READ MORE

March 2022 Message

The trauma experienced by those whose lives have been stolen by human trafficking is difficult to comprehend. Their self-worth has been shattered and they wear this pain with empty stares. Together let us remind them that there is a future beyond their past. READ MORE

February 2022 Message

It has been a busy few weeks at the Pathfinder Center. As I look back at the events and conversations that have taken place, I am disheartened to admit that the center is needed more than ever. READ MORE

Human Trafficking Awareness Event

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, an important time to spread awareness and take ACTION.  READ MORE

January 2022 Message

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, and we will be hosting a fundraiser where all proceeds go to the needs of the survivors at the Pathfinder Center. Make sure to follow us on social media for more details. READ MORE

Year-End Review

As the Pathfinder Center looks to 2022, we wanted to highlight all the work you’ve helped us complete in 2021.  READ MORE